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Why choose FAMA Consulting ?

Thanh Nam Tax
About us

Why should use the established business services, tax and accounting from us?

  • For small and medium businesses are hiring tax services, accounting and professional firms (outsourcing) will bring the following benefits:
  • Cost savings: the cost of hiring the services will be lower than the organizational structure of the accounting. Business owners will not have to worry about people management, purchase accounting software, equipment and machinery, the seat .... owners take the time now to focus on the processing time professional work , finding customers...
  • Ensure work always operated: tax services, accounting always operated to ensure that work smoothly, without interruption. Business owners do not bother about the employee on leave, anxious to find a suitable job postings when the employee resigned.
  • Save time and ensure quality: tax services, our accounting is provided and managed by experienced professionals, always updated and full of new knowledge. We specialize in the field of tax and accounting work should be handled quickly and quality assurance. In addition, a team of our experts, you will be advised enthusiasm and persuasion to make decisions correctly.
  • Use legitimate software and use advanced technology: with the application of software and modern equipment of Thanh Nam Tax, customers can monitor the performance of our services via smartphone or by connecting desktop computers online.

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In particular, we - FAMA always operate and serve customers based on 4 criteria:

  • Motto: fast, economical, efficient and dedicated.
  • Always with the way businesses operate on.
  • Always put the quality of service to the forefront.
  • Creation and use technology most effectively.

"FAMA would be the perfect choice for you"


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